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We represent four global beauty brands: Dr. Barbara Sturm, Patchology, Cosmedix, MZ Skin

Dr. Barbara Sturm

The brand comes from Germany. The founder, Barbara Sturm, is one of the most sought-after aesthetic medicine doctors in the world. He believes that cosmetics should heal, and therefore should not contain fragrances, mineral oils and preservatives. The brand’s team has spent over two decades researching to create highly effective, scientifically proven skin care regimens. The main concept is to combine innovative active ingredients with powerful natural extracts.

MZ Skin

MZ Skin is a British brand of skin care cosmetics that effectively broke into the beauty industry in 2016, where it currently confidently occupies a leading position. Everything is in favor of MZ Skin: the medical background of the founder of the brand and clinically proven product formulas, aesthetic packaging and innovative clinical products that can be used in home care.


The company was founded back in 1999 in the USA. They were the first in cosmeceutical industry to find a way to use the most powerful natural ingredients in concentrations to see visible results without causing skin irritation. In 2013, Cosmedix created and patented the LG-Retinex formula, which is unmatched for retinoid efficacy, absorption and stability.


“You deserve to be cared for” is the main philosophy of the brand. The products are filled with active ingredients that work immediately and visibly improve your skin condition. The brand comes from the USA. For many years, its specialists developed patches for medical use, until they decided to go further and create products that in a few minutes will make the skin ready for any important event.

“Professional Care” was founded in 2014.


We work with cosmetology clinics and salons, aestheticians, brick & mortar and online stores. It is important to us that the brands represented by us are effective and cover all the client’s skin care needs, have a history, a strong scientific base and powerful innovative technologies. We seek brands whose products are advised by experts and deliver visible results for our customers.

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